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Recording at home  

Finally, I've started to work on new recordings.  (Details will be shared much later as I only started to scratch the surface at this point).  

My bassist friend Ethan (also a recording engineer) helped me pick a good home recording device: Zoom h4n.

Click here to check Zoom h4n at Guitar Center

I put it on a regular mic stand which Ethan gave me, (for which I ordered a special adapter so that a recorder and stay on).  

It's challenging to focus on a project like this when all my family members are home…

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Yamaha piano 

There's a piano that I am interested.  The touch is amazing and the sound.  So powerful and sensitive.  

It seems beyond my reach but I feel happy even just to remember how it sounded at the Apollo Piano show room in my town.

What's more, it comes with a recording system, and sound silencing system (with which, you can silence the grand piano and practice with headphones! - perfect for busy moms whose practice…

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Afterthoughts of CD release and party 

Still surprised how many people came out to the CD release party.  Quite frankly, I didn't know till that night I was supported this much in community of Chico.  And a friend even drove with his toddler from Santa Rosa to catch the show....

Thank you family, friends, community of Chico, Uncle Dad's Arts Collective (sponsor of the party), Naked Lounge, and my crews (musicians).  That evening was one of the greatest gift for me. 

As for the album - I am so happy with it and even enjoy listening in the car…

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