Afterthoughts of CD release and party

Still surprised how many people came out to the CD release party.  Quite frankly, I didn't know till that night I was supported this much in community of Chico.  And a friend even drove with his toddler from Santa Rosa to catch the show....

Thank you family, friends, community of Chico, Uncle Dad's Arts Collective (sponsor of the party), Naked Lounge, and my crews (musicians).  That evening was one of the greatest gift for me. 

As for the album - I am so happy with it and even enjoy listening in the car.  My kids like it too and request some songs by track numbers.  I also love look of the CD and jacket.  Thanks goes to talented ladies with great artistic tastes Carie Jean Photography and Lisa Langley.

Recording and playing - I couldn't have done it by myself and I am so lucky to be able to play with everyone who was involved in the album.  Also, big thanks goes to Ethan Swett, our recording engineer for his skills and musical taste.  He's the one who had ears for what I didn't hear and fixed things. 

Making this album gave me a certain degree of confidence as a musician and a person.   I am inspired to push myself forward.  When one dream comes true, another dream comes in.  Whatever that dream is, I know I can get there.  And enjoy the process. 

Love to my family, band members, friends, and community of Chico.


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