About me


I am Shigemi Minetaka, a jazz pianist who lives in Chico, California.  I grew up in Japan taking classical piano lessons.  As a child, I occasionally thought, "when I grow up, I might try playing jazz."  To me, Jazz sounded like cool music for adults.  

And, somehow I ended up learning and playing jazz as an adult.   

In the year 2000, I married a Canadian husband and we were living in, Montreal, Canada, a city of jazz.  I had no work but lots time during long cold winter.  I gave jazz a try thru an open college jazz combo class, and I've bee playing ever since.  

Playing jazz (and music) allowed me to meet so many great people.  Music really is an international language.  It not only helped me make friends and express myself in a foreign country without focusing on differences of languages.  Having music in my life was a huge emotional support while I was adjusting to a new environment.   .  

Many years forward to today, jazz and music are my career, community, friends, joy and a big part of my everyday life.  

As I keep learning, creating and growing as a musician, I also would like to share what I learned over the years with others, especially with people who are just starting to learn jazz.  I'm not a master of jazz, but I know the things I went thru, demystifying chords and improvisation.  

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you will enjoy exploring this site!