About me

I am....

a musician, mom, wife, adventurer, freedom seeker, and a spiritually growing person (with no religious association).

I grew up in Japan learning piano like many other young Japanese children, taking classical piano lessons.  After learning to play some Bach, Beethoven sonatas and Chopin, I took a long break from piano, being busy with college and other new things.

When I moved to North America to join my husband to be and had no work but plenty of time at home, I came back to playing music.  Signed up for a jazz combo class in Montreal, Canada and got hooked.  After moving to Chico, California, I met a mentor and earned a master's degree in Jazz Studies at California State University of Chico, mostly for learning, and partly for just in case the degree might come handy to survive in a foreign country. 

I play many jazz gigs in Chico, with my own group or collaborating with other musicians.  I also love playing salsa music and Cuban music, which I have been learning little by little by taking workshops and listening to lots of music online. 

My first album, "Chapter 3" was released in 2018 and I am currently working on a new album. 

My passion is to learn and grow as a musician, become the person I want to be everyday, and live a good life.