Yamaha piano

There's a piano that I am interested.  The touch is amazing and the sound.  So powerful and sensitive.  

It seems beyond my reach but I feel happy even just to remember how it sounded at the Apollo Piano show room in my town. 


What's more, it comes with a recording system, and sound silencing system (with which, you can silence the grand piano and practice with headphones! - perfect for busy moms whose practice time often happens after kids go to bed). 

I've been renting a Yamaha baby grand.  When it was delivered to our house, the piano sounded so beautiful and heavenly.  The keys are on the heavier side, but since I grew up with Yamaha grand at home in Japan and they had similar-feel keys, I felt immediately connected to home and my earlier life.  So, heavy feel keys didn't bother me at all (was even pleasant).  But now that I got used to them and now I can hear and feel a huge difference between this piano and the CX model, I am feeling this baby grand is not for me. 

For now, I put this CX series piano on my mental wish list.  And keep feeling happy just remembering the sound and the feel...

Good night.

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