First Album "Chapter 3" (2018)

Original jazz with a Latin flavor, featuring Niobel Cintra Cascaret (vocal/percussion), Zach Cowan (drums/percussion) and Ethan Swett (bass/recording engineer).  Guest artists Rocky Winslow (trumpet/Yamaha artist), Greg D'Augelli (sax) and Aman Cowell (trumpet).  The album includes 5 originals of my own, and 2 originals contributed by Niobel and Ethan, and my original arrangement of a jazz standard.

That Sunny Day on the Beach With You (single release)

A song that came to me when I was struggling with my mom's passing.  In retrospect, this song was more for me than for her so I could get some healing by releasing my emotions in a song.  She was a very special person who had the biggest influence on me throughout my life.  With this song, I release her to heaven, in love and light.

Fragments of Thoughts (Uncle Dad’s Art Collective version)