Recording at home

Finally, I've started to work on new recordings.  (Details will be shared much later as I only started to scratch the surface at this point).  

My bassist friend Ethan (also a recording engineer) helped me pick a good home recording device: Zoom h4n.

Click here to check Zoom h4n at Guitar Center

I put it on a regular mic stand which Ethan gave me, (for which I ordered a special adapter so that a recorder and stay on).  

It's challenging to focus on a project like this when all my family members are home 24/7.  But I am determined to go forward even if in baby steps.  My husband and girls have been sweet and cooperative.  Girls whisper when I am recording and try not to argue with each other (a good effect!)

Music is not ready to share yet, but here are some pics.  To motivate myself to do a good work, I put on a nicer piece of clothing than usual and even brushed my hair...!  Ha ha.  Still didn't help me count steady 7/4.  But imagine what would have happened if I had a sloppy PJ and messy hair.  

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