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Cat paced life during quarantine days 

My last post about making an office space at home might have made an impression that I am powering through quarantine life in an ambitious style.  

If that's the impression I gave, that's actually not true.  


With a long stretch of time everyday and no schedule and appointments, I slowed down quite a bit.  

I have been staying with myself quietly throughout the day (I mean, metaphorically.  I might be standing up in the kitchen or weeding in the yard).  

I find this very calming.  


I also try not to…

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A new office space (in the house) 

Out of the blue, I felt like sharing this one positive thing I did recently at home. 

That is, to make my personal office space (for the first time in my adult life).



















Frankly, it's just a wall, but making this space has made a HUGE impact on my everyday life.  Huge-er than I imagined.  So, I wanted to share.   

I am way more motivated to work everyday, and I am very focused when I sit here.  

I also enjoy sitting here looking out to the deck and yard (so, my next goal is…

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