A new office space (in the house)

Out of the blue, I felt like sharing this one positive thing I did recently at home. 

That is, to make my personal office space (for the first time in my adult life).



















Frankly, it's just a wall, but making this space has made a HUGE impact on my everyday life.  Huge-er than I imagined.  So, I wanted to share.   

I am way more motivated to work everyday, and I am very focused when I sit here.  

I also enjoy sitting here looking out to the deck and yard (so, my next goal is to make the yard more beautiful).  


There was no cost to make my office.  I utilized what we already owned but was not used very much.  

The stool is an old second hand and I recently refurbished it with a free coffee bean bag I got from a cafe. 

The space looks and feels happy and I feel happy in it too.  

Excited to do good work.  Excited to dream and create my future.   


Sending positive prayers to everyone at this time of uncertainty.  

Please stay well and safe...!





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