Recommended jazz learning books

"How to Play Jazz and Improvise" by Jamey Aebersold 

(for beginning to intermediate)

Comes with play-a-long CD or, mp3 downloads.

A practical guide for beginners. Intermediate players can benefit from basic jazz theories in the book.

"The Jazz Piano Book"

By Mark Levin

(for intermediate to advanced)

A bible for jazz pianists.  All you need to know is in this book. Basic understanding of music theory and basic piano skills are recommended.  

Finger Exercise Books for Pianists

Hanon: The Virtuoso Pianists in 60 Exercises (Complete)

(intermediate to advanced)

Great for finger dexterity, agility, and strength.  Many patterns and scales. 

"Czerny and Hanon: for Intermediate Grades"

by James Bastian 

If you're new to Czerny and Hanon exercises, this will be a good introduction. Only a limited number of exercises are shared here, which makes it less overwhelming than going thru a thick book of Hanon or Czerny.